UX Design
Dec 2021 - Apr 2022
Project Overview
As the child of mental health professionals, I was raised with a lot of access to quality providers, only to reach adulthood and figure out how terrible the rest of the world has it! TheraMatch is designed to make the often-labyrinthian quest that's involved finding real humans as easy as booking a hotel.
Starting initially with the client as the primary user, the goal was to expedite the search process by prioritize filtering hierarchies. After a series of user interviews focused around the search-flow payoff, it became clear the app would need to cater to provider users as well.
My Contributions
The app's search flow was designed to give instant feedback to the user. They could adjust filters and immediately know if the results they were getting were going to be overwhelming or underwhelming. User testing showed that in order to build trust each search for a provider could culminate in an automated message, jumpstarting the dialogue between clients and providers and motivating both parties to follow through.

Search Flow Prototype

Client users reported feeling higher instances of trust when they were met with an auto-response and were confident they would connect to a provider, but how to make providers comfortable with participating in such a system? A separate round of interviews with therapists revealed a distrust of other software products attempting to subvert the well respected system of academic licensure that clinical therapists rely on currently to conduct referrals and build their professional networks .
The solution then is to add parallel utilities for therapists which compliment these external networks with digital tools. Creating therapist power-users will keep them inside the product and responsive to new clients. New features like scheduling, billing and insurance claim assistance will reduce manual labor and free providers to concentrate on their primary goal - talk therapy sessions. The onboarding process, pictured below, can appeal to each Therapist's needs and show them possibilities.
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