Seneca Systems

Visual Design and Design System
Project Overview
Seneca Systems, since acquired, was a startup specializing in government constituent services. Working with branding that had been designed prior to user testing, they were looking for a new, more unified, design system to match their forthcoming release.
My Contributions
Working closely with the company's Head of Product, we discussed the values, objectives, and messaging that would inspire the designs. We established a visual vernacular for iconography, and created an ambitious color-palette to help Seneca stand out from more stayed and institutional design that was pervasive in the government space.
Seneca Systems
Visual Design, Design System
Dec 2017 - Jan 2018
In addition to the company logo and design system, I also animated a simple isometric, narrative loop for Seneca's main page background that demonstrated the role the product played in bridging citizen requests and government action.
Researching the historical or metaphorical background of a subject is a useful technique for finding options to explore.  Seneca was inspired by the Roman philosopher, so I explored classical themes for my designs. I brought this iterative process to my design of the Seneca logo. Initial versions adapted an existing logo to better reflect the company's history, context and mission (but with fun colors). It was through sketching variations on the logo, to be used for icons and products within the Seneca brand that we stumbled upon the Pharos, realized that what a lighthouse represents better fit Seneca's values, and decided to use it as the primary logo.
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