House Hunters International

Show Package and 3D Animation
Project Overview
After several years delivering graphics for HGTV's hit show, the team decided to give the outdated package a fresh look. Every asset, from lower thirds to the show open, and especially the show's iconic maps and globes, were updated to better reflect the available technology and trends of the current moment.
My Contributions
I helped design a python-tag based cartesian plotting system for locations on the 3D globe. I have ongoing responsibilities animating, modeling and texturing the maps using Cinema 4D and Redshift render engine. I handled converting the 3D workflow over to 4K delivery as Discovery continues to drive the graphics forward, and adapt them for streaming services.
House Hunters International
Motion Designer
Aug 2017 - Dec 2021
Originally composed entirely in After Effects, using a rig designed over a decade ago, these House Hunters maps and globes were redesigned to appeal to more contemporary tastes. A one man team, I model and texture every icon that appears on a map to tailor them to the narrative.