Hey there!

I'm Dashiell Robb

Portland to Portland with a bit of Brooklyn in-between! I love character design, modeling, doodling and dogs. I live in Maine with my fabulous chef fiancé, a 1969 MG convertible, and my pup, Wally.

My Career so far

Once upon a time I made props and graphics for True Crime reenactments. I completed a summer residency at the School of Visual Arts in Illustration. In 2016, I happened to work on a suite of effects shots for the Netflix feature film Coin Heist and decided to start working in Motion Design and animation.

Starting in 2017 I began working as one of the in house designers on House Hunters International, making hundreds of maps and globes every year. Under the direction of designer, Brian Carter, we successfully pitched a new show package to HGTV. Now I make the same maps and globes but in 3D!

Motion Design
Visual Design
Prop Fabrication
Graphic Design
3D Modeling

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email: dash@dashiellrobb.com